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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Let the games begin!

Endings and Beginnings!

They come and they go.....leaving a hole in the heart of the fashion world. Who will replace them we think…until some bright new face can be seen coming over the hill of opportunity and passing on to our world of fame!!

In recent years we have lost the very talented Tom Ford, Valentino, and Alexander McQueen. For ten years Tom Ford rocked runways all over the world until he left to find his new place in Hollywood as a director. Valentino presented his last haute couture show in Paris at the Musée Rodin on January 23, 2008, then left us under a cloud of a corporate takeover that is threatening many of the fashion houses of the world. And, on a cold February day this year, we read reports of the death of Alexander McQueen - the incredibly talented designer who turned the face of British fashion around! What was fashion going to do with all this loss!?!

Well, it was/is going to survive!!  And, who would of thunk it – one of our own, Jason Wu, is one of those new talents who has what it takes in this new Fashion arena!  I say “one of our own” because Jason started out just like all of the contestants of CDDC – he designed for dolls and entered contests!  Yes, he is the same Jason Wu we watched in the now defunct BBMA!!

Long before Mrs. Obama graced the covers of magazines wearing his delicious concoctions, and long before he breathed life into his creations for Integrity Toys, Ashton-Drake, and Madame Alexander, Jason was just a guy designing clothing for dolls.  So, remember that as you view CDDC’s  new group of doll clothing designers.  

No, I’m not saying they’ll be rocking the runways at New York Fashion Week in a few years.  What I am saying is there is lots of undiscovered talent out there, and in our realm of collecting that includes doll clothing designers.  While I can’t say if I’m expecting a new Wu out of this group,  I can say the possibilitoes are there, and that CDDC gives the doll clothing designer a chance to be seen.  In today’s internet and communications revolution we live in,  I consider this huge!

As print magazines continue to fall in popularity, websites and blogs are on an upward spiral! So, by CDDC continuing, I see it accomplishing two things. First, Larraine Elcock’s original premise for doing these challenges will go on – “To help doll fashion designers gain more knowledge of design with the help of leaders in the doll industry. And providing a place for everyone - designers and spectators alike - to enjoy interesting challenges and have fun.” And second, it will provide a very visible place for doll clothing designers to have their fashions seen.


And, all along the way, I will be on the edge of my seat – waiting for each new round of entries to be revealed. I’ll also be wondering and asking where more of my favorite designer’s work can be seen, and - most importantly for dollie and me – where can I buy them!?! So, who will be providing the eye candy this year? Well, I’ve developed a little presentation of some of the fashionistas who are taking the challenge this year - some of their work is included in the filmstrip pictures running all down this blog. Oh, and their models have included a little message that "might" help you imagine what they can bring. We'll see as we go along if our first impressions are right or wrong.

And what – besides challenging themselves to be the very best – could the designers bring home as a result of winning? Besides enjoying the learning process, they will garner wonderful prizes from our great group of sponsors that include FDQ Magazine, Integrity Toys, R and D Fashion Dolls, Designs By Jude, Tonner Doll Company, and Dress Forms for Fashion Dolls.  For a complete list of prizes, simply visit the CDDC website.    

And while you are at the CDDC website,  take note of the newly added People's Choice Award for favourite photo.  One designer will win Pat Henry’s fabulous book, In Focus: Digital Photography for the Doll Collector for their efforts, and I’m hoping we will garner some very interesting eye candy!!

So sharpen up your pencils, dear audience, and print out the names of the designers featured on the CDDC website!!  You’ll want to be ready when you can cast your vote for both of the People’s Choice Awards.  The privilege of naming these winners will be all YOURS!!  

 I would invite you to take this privilege very seriously. Remember even though these awards are voted for by the people,  they don’t necessarily have to become subjective votes unless YOU let them be!   By taking a little time before you vote to analyze how each artist has accomplished each challenge, you (and I) will come  closer to understanding each artist’s design or pose.

 Viewing and voting on art in a public manner can be objective.  Keep in mind EACH of these designers are counting on us to be fair.  So, let’s not mistake popular votes as having any real value in the world of art if  the votes are based on our love of the artist instead of the art.  This is not a popularity contest – moreover, let's let the design make our determination!

The first challenge will be given August 15, and then I’ll be back soon with some insights from the guest judge for this challenge,  Lori Lyon!    I may have other treats up my sleeve also – but how would you know if you don't follow this blog.  Join me for each entry,  and then you will discover the best is yet to come!   

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