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Monday, March 28, 2011

New Fashions - Watch for a '70s Reimagination

Challenge Two: At Milan fashion week, designers showed their trend towards maximal modernism, which is defined as pared down, minimal, wearable shapes, but in rich opulent fabrics with highly, decorative detail. While showing max/mod, the designers still made it obvious that the 70's continued to have a firm hold on their imaginations. Your challenge this week is to create the perfect 70's influenced daywear design with a maximal modernism flare

Have fun and make it work!!!


Hold on to your hats, fashionistas - it's official! Not only did the '70s influence Milan Fashion Week, but subtle hints the '70s are reemerging are beginning to show up in New York Fashion. And what is being seen?

Any hip designer is taking pointers from that era, and you can look for everything from jumpsuits to turtle necks to show up once again.
Drop waists, flowing ruffles, and draping will round out a '70s based collection. And, we'll see them in our own clothing, so I think it will soon be apparent in clothes our dolls will wear. Doll fashion just normally follows our trends - and you do wear couture now, don't you, dahling?

We'll all feel we've stepped into a disco era when we begin to see fabrics that are shiny like lurex and satin taking a leading role. We can expect big name designers to embrace a more minimal look. Layering can be key to design work at this time, so I look to see lots of individual pieces in multiple colors.


Be sure to include plenty of tops to wear over your new flared pants. Flared pants are what designers are using as an update for bell bottoms. Say hallelujah to colorful prints and fun designs! Embrace leg warmers and simple shift dresses that are taking the place of the '70s mini and knee socks. And don't forget to include killer shoes - platform shoes and mules as well as thick heels and ankle straps will best suit all your '70s designs.

It should be interesting to see what all of the designers come up with, and it will also be interesting to see if our dolls will embrace designs from the '70s. But first we'll announce the Challenge One winner - watch for this in a few days!

We're extremely lucky to have Designs by Jude (Owner Tamara Casey) as our sponsor again for this version of CDDC. Since we've already heard how this fitness trainer turned fashion doll fashionista has used her considerable talents in our world, and about the combination of patterns that makes Designs by Jude, I thought it would be fun to let you know about other challenge events this bright star is involved with. First, she makes appearances with her products either as a sponsor or a participant in most of the events of our sister site, Couture Doll Shops (CDS). This is because she is one of our cornerstone, or sponsor shops there.

But her most fun personal pattern project is the challenges she hosts on her Yahoo group. The requirements to enter these challenges are to belong to her Yahoo group, and to use her patterns (which can be altered a bit). Small things like closures and hem length can be changed to make her patterns your own, but other than that you just have a theme to follow. But you don't want to veer off too much from the current pattern or you probably won't cover one of the winning points which is best interpretation of the assigned pattern.

Because a pattern is allowed, this kind of competition has a range of competitors from experienced to novice. The group also discusses sewing and pattern information in general.  For novices, there is always someone to answer a question. And, for everyone, lots of new and upcoming things you may have never heard of are introduced on the group as well as things you've wondered about - perhaps a serger, ruffler, or pleater for example.

The current challenge is the Spring 2011 Castle Carnival Sewing Challenge that has an entry deadline of April 9th. Her Yahoo group is always accepting new members. She also makes announcements there for new patterns. So whether you're a competin' Queen, or just want to stay up to date about this great company, you'll enjoy belonging to this particular doll group - I know I do!!

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