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Monday, February 27, 2012

Strike Up the Band - Challenge 1 Winners Named!

The Challenge winners for Challenge One of CDDC 4 are:

Beginner Category: Sue Townsend

"This challenge was quite exciting as I really enjoy more casual clothes for the dolls. Gowns are a bit overdone. though they have their place.  I have been very excited by Peter Pilotto and his new collections. He uses print in a new and innovative way which links intricate prints with sportswear.

 Intermediate Category: Cholo Ayuyao

 Professional Category: Anita Stoklosa

"I got the inspiration for this outfit in a flower shop when I was looking at my favorite flowers - orchids. They are beautiful and tempting, and I was trying to capture that in my outfit, and combine those features with comfortable, sporty elegance."

Best Photography winners have been selected, too:

Anj Calvo

 Honorable mention goes to:

Cholo Ayuyao

   and Gordana Niemela.

 Anj now will have an entry in the Photography Contest. 

Congratulations to all winners!

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