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Monday, December 7, 2009

Winter White proves a Delectable Delight!!

Congratulations AGAIN, Lori Lyon!!!!! Your Audrey-styling put you on top once more, and we couldn't be more happy for you! Your superb construction and attention to details captured not only the win from the judges, but a greater appreciation of your work from fans and onlookers alike!

And, you won the prize despite fierce contenders!

This blogmeister viewed a lot of entries as possible winners this time! But it would not be fair for me to point out my preferences, because the truth is it's obvious each of the entrants researched their character, looked for appropriate fabrics and designs, and went with what their artistic spirit thought was right - and that is the very reason this competiton exists. So kudos specifically to you, Lori, and also to all the designerss who are successful just for having put themselves through this process! Celebrate!!

Have we all gone MAD, or is it just a series??

Mad Men fashion designer Janie Bryant is on a whirlwind ride that I'm sure she doesn't want to get off of. The line she's created for this award-winning television series has caused a stir in the fashion world, and now one of our guest judges wants us to explore her early 60s inspired designs, and come up with the perfect cocktail dress. What fun!

So what are we looking for? We're inevitably looking for the designs of the Camelot era. However, think Jackie O. rather than Marilyn from what I've observed so far on the show. Yes, this was a time when you didn't necessarily have to bare it all to be sexy. Whether a design featured a swishy skirt or a tight sheath, these kinds of dresses covered all the right areas - BUT were fitted so perfectly they screamed out the woman wearing this has curves - and is definitely sexy!

Fabrics for this style clothing may not be too hard to find, either, considering the enthusiasm this line has had. When checking out your local fabric store, ask if they have something that "feels" retro! And, if all else fails, this era's ladies were always open to being dressed in a bit of dupioni. Also, this might be the time to take a trip to your local thrift. Maybe everyone isn't cognizant of the allure of these fashions..........yet!

And the last bit of advice I'd offer is to take a moment to actually watch one of the shows or check out the internet for a bevy of stills available of the costumes. Then get with it - time's a wastin'! Good luck, fashionistas!!

This week's judge, Steven Fraser, is the very talented President of Masterstroke Canada, and the designing force behind Dressmaker Details and Dressmaker Details Couture. Masterstroke Canada sells the world's finest ribbons and trims. These popular items have gained quite a bit of notoriety through its sales at, and features on HGTV, House & Home, Style at Home, Home &, and Lucky Magazine.

The Dressmaker Details brand began when Steven realized the need for smaller ribbons because of the many requests he received from doll artists. He decided to offer both ribbon and notions for dollers of all ages. He is quite enthusiastic to see children entering the doll world and creating; he feels this is a good way for them to improve their dexterity and eye-hand coordination. This line now also offers notions.

Dressmaker Details Couture represents the fine quality fashions you will find in any couture house in Paris. It is literally a return to a bygone era of quality doll fashions. No detail is overlooked, and each outfit is made from the finest materials. Steven truly evokes memories of a most sophisticated time! The focus of Steven's line is 50's style, making him the perfect judge for our competion!?!

Now that all our important information for this blog session has been done, I'd like to mention the obvious. When we finish this challenge we'll only have one more challenge and the contest will be over - my how time flies! But first we're going to take a little break to enjoy the holidays. And, if you have any time you may want to look over your collection and pat yourself on the back for all you have done! Celebrate new things you have learned, and be happy you've been a part of such a fine competition. Come back fresh for the final challenge with the peace and happiness a holiday brings.

Also, I'd like to take this opportunity to tell you that whatever you believe in, and whatever you celebrate - have fun, enjoy your family, eat hearty, and drive safely when you imbibe!!

Happy Holidays, everyone!!

This delectable concoction is the handiwork of Chewin - doesn't he make the perfect holiday postcard...........and eye candy. (Currently on eBay)

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