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Monday, November 15, 2010

Never a bridesmaid; always a BRIDE!

The winner of challenge 6 is a newcomer to the world of doll couture, Svjetlana Turk, whom we have all come to know as Lana. Looking at her wonderful interpretation of the avant-garde bridal challenge along with her other entries, it becomes instantly apparent that this designer brought some great skills with her when she began her journey into designing doll couture. 

Although she is a chemical engineer by profession, she is definitely an artist at heart.  Lana has been sewing since she was 5, and has designed for real people as well as dolls. However, she says creating for dolls allows her to fantasize and realize her true dream, that of being a fashion     designer. 

Not content to just design and sew couture doll clothing, Lana also does doll repaints, and makes accessories that include shoes, hats, and jewelry. She is constantly working on improving her techniques.

This wife and mother of two beautiful daughters is a Christian artist who enjoys sharing some of her tips an techniques on her blog. She has a new website where you can see her latest creations available for sale. She is also one of the newest members of the CDDC sister site, Couture Doll Shops. She hopes you will visit her often as she is always working on new creations. Congratulations, Lana, your bride is definitely ready for her nuptials to begin. 
It's been a long journey for those competing in the Couture Doll 
Design Challenge again this time. And I 'm happy to give kudos to Larraine Elcock for making this possible again. I am sure all would agree she has continued to give us a quality competition with fair judges and interesting challenges. So even before we announce the final winners, one's mind races to the inevitable question - will there be another CDDC? This reader/writer would cast a resounding yes vote if she had an opportunity to cast one! 

I'd also like to give a little nod to those people in the gallery who secretly played along, entered at home challenges, or helped make bigger decisions by voting for People's Choice winners. And the At Home winners who will be taking home gift certificates are Larraine Elcock and Durelle Brown. Thanks go to Ina Murphey, LaPetite Fashion Promenade, and Mike Austin, Mike's Creations  - two of the very talented shop owners on Couture Doll Shops - for providing gifts for these winners.

Well, that's almost it for your blogger for this CDDC - I say almost because the final blog will feature all the final winners and their prizes - what fun!!

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