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Monday, April 18, 2011

Huckleberry's Effort Wins Dual Prizes!


Even a cursory glance at the judge's comments would make it obvious who the winner is for Challenge Two.

Brilliant. The purse is genius. I love this fashion. . That vest is divine! You hit this challenge right on the mark, and made it your own. It is a beautiful look... I like the idea of a mini wardrobe. You did a great job.

Huckleberry Jackson decided to give the 70ies influenced outfit a whole black and white Paris couture chic. It is a style that is timeless and is fun for this type theme. This began with the graphic white and black pair of flares that start underneath the breasts and reach the floor to stretch the silhouette to the max. Her very high platforms also enhance the stretching.

To give this outfit some color it has a classic 70ies blouse in peach. For another possibility of wearing the blouse it was continued into a jumpsuit.. To make it very sexy silk crepe was used, and it was fitted to be very close to the body.  It was lined with the same fabric. The look was to be sexy but not see through! 

The accessories included a big hat, faux fur jacket, a big circle purse, and a faux leather braided belt. Everything was worked up to have both a designer look and one appropriate for this era. A peach patterned scarf for the head and some "magic hair" topped it all off for additional styling with flare!

Winner of the Photography prize is:

Honorable Mention
Gordana Niemela and Anita Stoklosa

CONGRATULATIONS to all of our winners!!

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