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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Even woven fabrics can be stretched

Anj Calvo wins Challenge 5 with his two piece dress with leggings. He kept to his plan to veer away from body suits, and instead gave us an ensemble with remarkable detailing. Nude illusion, stretch charmeuse, and even mesh made this fashionable and added just the right amount of movement for the discerning doll collector's fancy. The two looks, heeless shoes, and a darling clutch bag served as appreciated bonuses for this very feminine, hand-stitched entry.

Congratulations also to the winner fpr the Challenge 5 Best Photography:

Elena Prokhorova

 Honorable Mentions goes to:

Huckleberry Jackson

and Maria Ustynovska.

At this point in the competition it's not anyone's game, but there could still be an upset!! But everyone who finishes this course should definitely consider themselves a WINNER. So stay with your game plan, finish the course, and prove me right that you are all phenomenal designers!

Lady Gladriel
Now let's tip our hat to our final featured sponsor!   Returning again this year as our sponsor is the Tonner Doll Company (TDC). And they bring prizes for the winner and second place. The winner will receive the very beautiful Lady Galadriel from the Lord of the Rings. This Lady of Light will feature the face sculpt of Cate Blanchet with Elvish ears, and will arrive completely dressed.

The gown with its custom embroidery and pearlescent brooch is stunning, and it comes with panty hose, shimmering lace up metallic boots, and a wonderful silver and gold crown. A prize fit for the winner, indeed!

Arwen Evenstar
Again turning to Middle Earth, TDC
will be sending the second place winner the beautiful Arwen Evenstar doll. She, too, is fully dressed. Her gown is done in soft velvet with shimmering lace sleeves. Panty hose and faux suede boots are included and she features convertible feet. What a jewel for a winner's collection!

So, what’s Tonner Doll Company been up to since we last caught up with them? In 2011 they came through with lots of new, interesting dolls for the discerning collector.
Fleur Delacour

From new American Models to the Vampire Diary characters and loads in between – there is definitely something for everyone’s taste.

Here’s a mini-recap of a few of the new dolls.

Hermione Granger
Tonner Doll Company had replicated their officially licensed Harry Potter and Ron Weasley dolls into a small scale collection of 12 inch size dolls. For 2011 they completed the 12 inch size Hermione Granger doll in time for Toy Fair as well as releasing a new doll in the large line, Fleur Delacour. Ms. Delacour is a dressed, high-heeled female with a student body, blue eyes with blonde hair, and features the Bloom skintone.

Jasper Hale
Twilight lovers gained Jasper Hale, the love of Alice Cullen’s life.

And the Vampire Diaries series was born with the protective Stefan Salvatore, the affectionate yet feisty Elena Gilbert, and the smoldering yet conniving Damon Salvatore.

Yum, yum --  all three deliciousness you want to bite into for sure!
Stefan, Elena, Damon
 Disney fans were thrilled with Tangled’s Rapunzel as well as old favorites like Ariel and Jasmine. 

And a delightful 10” line of dolls for the It’s a Small World line kicked off with representatives from Holland and Indian (not pictured) dressed in their tradition wardrobe.

Ariel and Jasmine

Catwoman and Black Canary

Wonder Woman
 A medley of DC stars was sure to make the Comic Con fans sit up and take notice. New arrivals ran the gambit of selection and size from the 13” inch Catwoman and Black Canary to the 22” Wonder Woman. The in-between women, ranging from 16-17” (not pictured), included such alluring fare as Raven, Starfire, and Dove.

With the current movie offerings of Green Lantern, Thor, X-Men, and Captain America, it left me wondering would new guys join his hero base any time soon.

The other new offerings are just as wonderful, but will require you to take a trip over to the TDC website. All are definitely worth viewing.

So Sleek Sydney
Besides all the new dolls, Robert Tonner has also just completed a fabulous convention where I’m told the convention dolls were wonderful – one even included a special Sydney gift set to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Sydney Chase and the 20th anniversary of the Tonner Doll Company. TDC is twenty years strong with a bright future, so it makes me confident to predict that there will be many more Tonner dolls around my household – and I’ll bet a few will creep into yours too!

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