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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hats off for a fine Mix!

Here in their own words they will not only tell you the designers they chose, but also give some insight into their outfit.  First, here are your winners and the category they represent




These are their winning designs along with their comments:


 Two fashion designers Alexander McQueen and Zuhair Murad were my inspiration at this competition.  I wanted to connect the East and the West.  Two worlds and two religions.  On a head of a doll a photo of the Sofia cathedral in Istanbul. Today it is a mosque. It is symbolical.  Ornaments - gold butterflies.  Alexander McQueen used butterflies for the inspiration.

For this challenge, Im compelled to do a mash up between two of my favorite fashion houses, Chanel with its classic, elegant and utterly lady like sense of aesthetics, and the body hugging lines of americanized french label Herve Leger. I used Chanel's tweed and Leger's signature stretch bandage to create a design that could hold on its own. Contrasting details such as a tinge of military tailoring and added the curvy body conforming side, three dimensional details for that drama, contrasting the conservative design and continuing the bands and arrange them into a linear pattern formed on the skirt, contrasted by the soft cascading drapes. The heaviness of design was balanced with color of summery lavander and lilacs and accents of fresh greens to soften everything up.

I have mixed Chanel and Dolce&Gabbana styles.
 Jacket is characteristic for fashion of the leading creator of all - Coco Chanel. Always collarless with round buttons and a typical trim around.
 Skirt - inspired by this year's fashion of Dolce&Gabbana. This is a brand that arouses desire, sensation and continually provokes. It is determined by the ability of breaking conventions and going beyond cultural boundaries. Dolce&Gabbana offers also a joy with contrast, passion and femininity – thanks to that a woman becomes unique, strong and full of passion. She becomes a diva who can not be ignored. Sexy and provocative creations are often both synonymous with chic and elegant. Black felt hat adds chic.   All hat, jewelry and stockings have been created by me.

Photography Winner: Anj Calvo
Your guest judge for this Mash Up challenge was
David has always been a doll collector, specifically of fashion dolls, because his sisters and mother collected dolls. David not only designs dolls today, but he is also a graphic designer who is well known for his logos and other fashion doll illustrations - in fact that's the original job he snared at Integrity Toys.  He has worked under Vaughn Sawyers and Jason Wu, but David has a style all his own.

His work with Integrity does include illustration as well as design for ads and packaging, and even working with the doll design team.  

But the general public probably knows him better for the doll lines he's worked on that include Misaki, Dynamite Girls, and most recently, Poppy Parker.  He works on doll designs that include loads of personality.  David even designed the IFDC Alice in Wonderland companion doll made from the Gavin Dynamite Girl sculpt.  David has been published in Fashion Doll Quarterly, and  other popular doll magazines.  
And that concludes our blog for this week.  But the designers are working hard on their next challenge, so look forward to seeing some new eye candy, and tips for making them, on our next blog!

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