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Monday, November 22, 2010

Saluting the winners and adieu..........for awhile!?!

 It's never fun when something we REALLY enjoy comes to an end, but we always knew we only had a set number of challenges, and then our winners would be announced.  Now all that is left to do is salute those winners....well, almost.  I would be remiss if I failed to give a nod to all the contestants that continued to create throughout this process.  It takes a special person with lots of perseverance to do this - so, to you, I tip my hat!!

For the rest of this blog I'm going to let the winners speak for themselves - each of them has prepared a few closing words, and have selected their favorite pictures to provide you with some wonderful eye candy!  So sit back and enjoy!!


Yana's designs will be featured in an upcoming issue of FDQ Magazine. From Tonner Doll Company she will receiveEvocative Antoinette, LE 150, Tonner Direct Exclusive, and from Integrity Toys, she'll enjoy Erin "Picture This" Convention exclusive. Finally, from Couture Doll Shops, she will be given a shop on this new doll mall for six months to showcase her work.

Some words from Yana...I live in Chelyabinsk, Russia. Chelyabinsk lies on the border between Europe and Asia. This is a big industrial town like Detroit in the USA. I have a university degree in ecology. At the present time I’m raising two children. I had a son Ilya (4 years old), and a daughter Anastasia (10 months old).

I like realism in doll clothes. I'm constantly trying to use new patterns, materials and accessories. I try to avoid repetition, and am not interested in making copies of my fashions .

This contest was a big test for me, because I concentrate on the classic fashion of the fifties in my practice.   Also, the level of skill and creativity of the contestants was very high.

I found it very difficult to understand the requirements of the contest in the first two rounds, and I lost a lot of points. After that I reviewed all the judge’s comments, and discovered I could change the situation. So I must give many thanks to the judges for their comments.

It was a great school for me. Deconstruction, Steampunk, and Gothic fashions expanded my perception.  I became a different person after this competition.  I feel empowered for the next dolly project!  And I now have a lot of friends around the world. Thank you all….Yana

Congratulations to our Second Place winner:
Irina Koroleva

 She will receive Glowing Muse Basic Honey Antoinette (includes 3 wigs) and Juxtaposed Outfit Only to fit Antoinette from the  Tonner Doll Company, and Veronique "Stylish Escape" from Integrity Toys.

 Some words from Irina...I dreamed of becoming a fashion designer from childhood, but worked for about 10 years in IT/Telecom. And I am happy, that my dream has come true now.  In the last two years I have finally  been making my fashion designs, but I do have some experience in a sewing fashion for myself that I translate for dolls.  I haven’t a favorite doll model - I sew for Sybarite, Momoko, Fashion Royalty and Tonner dolls. Each doll needs an individual approach.
I prefer a complex and rigorous construction, but often I like to use very complicated embellishments such as beads and embroidery. My style in couture is the sensuality and aristocratism.
 To view my work you can visit my website which she hopes to have translated into English the first of the year, and you can read her blog here.

It's unbelievable! I still can't believe I have won this place - it is best gift to my birthday that will be 19 November. Fantastic!  This season turned out to be very interesting but also difficult for me and for all of us - both physically, psychologically and emotionally. It was a real challenge and I was happy to accept it and overcome all the obstacles.
Thank you guys! Thanks to all of you - the judges, organizers, sponsors and fans. We did it!  We are the champions!!! I love CDDC, because it helps to be beyond possible and to perfect skills. Thanks to all of you - the judges,
organizers, sponsors and fans…
Congratulations to our Third Place winner:
Julia Mezrina

Her rewards are Antoinette Intoxicating Outfit Only and Antoinette Flirty Shoe Pack from  Tonner Doll Company, and Veronique "Onyx" from Integrity Toys.

Some words from Julia...I still can't believe that I've won the third prize in the CDDC. Only less than a year has passed since I re-discovered fashion dolls for myself and started sewing for them, so this award is really far from being expected. I applied for CDDC mainly in order to test out what I can do. 

The contest itself has been an absolutely fantastic experience for me, but sometimes I really had a hard time combining my full-time job as a web designer with making challenge entries.  Unfortunately, my site is currently under construction.  It’s so hard to design for yourself – especially since I’m the nightmare client any designer is afraid of!  But you can view my past work on my Flicr account.   

Now after the contest is over I'm left with a completely new attitude towards designing for dolls.  I'm taking it seriously, not as a 'cute hobby' as I did before. Maybe one day I'll start up my own brand of doll clothes and jewelry, who knows!?!

I've learned a lot from the judges' comments and I'm extremely grateful to them, as well as to all who organized the whole thing.  I never ever regretted I was in! Now I definitely should take some time to get used to life without CDDC…Julia

Susan Grindstaff
Prizes include Haute Traveler Susie from R&D Fashion Dolls as well as Adel "Soul Deep" from Integrity Toys.

Some words from Susan...Overall, CDDC was an interesting, fun experience. This was my first time competing, and it was a real revelation, teaching me a bit about competing in general, and what is expected of you.  Judging art is one tough assignment, so our judges were really some brave folks, and I thank them! 

I see fashion as an independent art form, and to me couture needs to be above all – unique.  Currently, I sell my fashions at VivaLaPosh, and if your cup of tea is a bit of romanticism and drama, be sure to check out my current offerings.

For those who didn't win anything, I hope they realize that their work is as worthy as ours who did. It's all subjective. Anyone can learn to be a better seamstress;  the trick is to avoid mimicry and to stick to your own artistic
vision, whatever that may be.
  Thanks for a great experience!…

Anna Lipka
She will receive In Focus: Digital Photography for the Doll Collector from Pat Henry and Lillith "The Great Pretender" from Integrity Toys.
Some words from Anna...I'm fromPoland, and my two great passions are dolls and sewing...good thing those can be combined.  I began with this hobby 5 years ago when, while moving, I found my old Barbie doll from childhood.

You can check out what I am currently selling on eBay in my shop, and you can see my past work on my Flickr account

I´m delighted with this contest, which has pushed me beyond my limits and brought so much pleasure. Many thanks to everyone who made this happen!...Anna
Uh, oh!!  With this last winning announcement, we end this season's blog for Couture Doll Design Challenge.  But do not despair, aspiring designers, there are already rumblings of a CDDC3!!  And how will you know if that's going to happen?
  1.  Have faith.  2. Watch this blog.  We'll be back if ANY news is forthcoming!
  And, in the meantime - enjoy your holidays,  and don't forget to always enjoy anything you do relating to your dolls........and couture doll fashions, of course!! 

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