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Friday, January 14, 2011

Sooooooo I'm CURIOUS.............

...and I don't relish the thought of pacing down my fav Jimmy Choos, so I bite the bullet and decide to have a mini-interview with Larraine Elcock, founder and producer of Couture Doll Design Challenge.  First I do all the expected kudos - after all it was a splendiferous competition!! - and then I snap the question everyone has been wondering about.  Trying to catch Larraine off guard, I nonchalantly ask, "So when will the next CDDC begin?  Is it true we may have a Spring competition?" 

However, unfortunately, I think people have become so obsessed with this question, that Ms. Larraine has developed a pat answer.  So she replied just as nonchalantly, "You do know Fashion Doll Quarterly Magazine is one of our sponsor, and as such will run my article featuring the winner, Yana Emelyanova, don't you?  If you would like any details on the next CDDC....if there will be one....stay tuned for the next (Spring) issue!  Everything "should" be revealed then."

So, my pretties, I guess we can amuse ourselves with a chocolate binge - diet rotation, OR we could busy ourselves getting ready - IF some of us may be among those designers I've heard have already signed know - just in case! ROFL 

I can only speculate that having been given a wait and see advisory, all of us will actually have something worth waiting for when we see the next issue of FDQ!  Be back right after I find a copy you can be sure! 

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