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Monday, February 28, 2011

Spring is in the Air - so let's go, Divas!!

Well, dahlings, it's time for me to hang up my novels and Godivas for awhile!!  I'm happy to be rolling out this blog for the newest Spring Version of CDDC!!  

You may not have heard it here first; that privilege is for the CDDC FTK group, but luckily I"m a member - and you can be too.  Or you can just come over here and get the skinny by becoming a CDDC blog follower.

  Enter, watch, learn from, enjoy  - any way you choose to participate, you'll want to be involved in this new Spring Version of the Couture Doll Design Challenge which will begin soon. 

 Based on previous years, we can only speculate what wonderfulness we will encounter!!  

Will they take on the latest from the Oscars, travel to Outer Space to see what's newest out there, or might they go in the opposite direction and do a little Time Travel - back to the future so to speak?  

Well, dahlings, whatever they throw at this latest group of contestants, I hope they will be able to fulfill the challenges as well as those in the past versions of CDDC.  In fact, I am hereby challenging the new contestants to do so without even knowing who they will be....yet!

And how are we all going to find out who the contestants will be this time?  They will be the brave souls who are moxie enough to pose their muses beautifully in their designs, snap two (2) fresh photos of them, and send them in to CDDC's fearless leader, Larraine Elcock, by noon Sunday, March 6.

They will all need to remember to stay completely within her guidelines - there are no do-overs for this assignment!    Pictures can be no larger than 500 pixels in height and should maintain a complimentary width.  Also, a very short bio, and the name and email address of the entrant will need to be in the document one sends in!  Then they won't have very long to pace and wonder, as those accepted as contestants will be announced Tuesday, March 8.

You'll want to be sure to mark your calendars so those who aren't entering can cheer others on!  All challenges will be given and are due on Sundays, and here is their Tentative Schedule:

Challenge 1 given: March 13
Ch 1 due; Ch 2 given: March 27
Ch 2 due; Ch 3 given: April 10
Ch 3 due; Ch 4 given: April 24
Ch 4 due; Ch 5 given: May 8
Ch 5 due; Ch 6 given: May 22
Ch. 6 due: June 5

The Challenge winner will be announced on the CDDC FTK list the Sat after the Challenge is due in, and on here as soon as I can get some juicy tidbits out of the winner!  This contest will be short but inspiring, and you can expect the Overall Contest Winners to be announced June 12 or sooner.
Most are usually in it to push their creativeness to the max, but I don't think anyone has not enjoyed the prizes given. Prizes will be awarded for First Place, Second Place and Third Place at the end, and each Challenge winner will also receive a prize.

So I hope any of you lagging back or afraid will get over it!  Our dolly divas really need to add to their Spring and Summer wardrobes!  You don't have much time to get your entries in for a CDDC competition that is "Challenging the best to be better."

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