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Friday, April 15, 2011

Challenge 3 - Oh fiddly dee - it's a hard one!!


Once again this week we turn to the predictors of fashion trends for Spring. According to fashion reports, fashion took a U turn this spring to focus on elaborately detailed, luscious, and seriously grown up chic. Your challenge this week is to create outerwear for spring that follows this trend.

Make your designs "highly considered, beautifully crafted designs with a fetishistic edge". Make it work designers!!!

When I read this challenge I felt like I had been living under a rock on Mars! I had only took small sneak peeks at the recent runway shows, so I wasn’t up on “grown up chic”, “outerwear for spring that is part of the new fashion trend”, and definitely hadn’t even thought about anything “fetishistic”!?! From the questions I observed on the CDDC Yahoo group, it appeared early on that some contestants were not sure of which direction to go with the latest challenge, either. So, at the risk of confusing the little darlings even more, I’ve done my homework, and will merely throw my thoughts out there now. Remember, however, what I write only has value if YOU give it value. Embrace what you agree with, and forget about the rest!

Grown Up Chic

Many young shoppers are ditching bargain basement looks – finally! Instead they want superior fabrics and tailoring, for which they are ready to pay more It seems ironic in our current season of doom and gloom from forecasts we’ve been listening to all year, that people are actually willing to trade up when it comes to their wardrobes. They're not as willing to spend on things they're going to throw away. Instead the trend is to invest in something like a nice coat rather than a similarly lower-priced one that will only last a season.

The brands ringing up increasing numbers of till sales are defined by a sophisticated look known as posh. Fabric and finish rather than extreme high fashion runway looks dominate. Sure, avant garde looks still impress on the runway, but people are taking a more realistic approach to choosing garments for their own wardrobes. The price of clothing has been falling at an incredible rate for the past decade, but these new trends have led forecasters to predict an increase in women’s wear of 4.7% by 2012.

Outerwear New Fashion Trend

Chilly and rainy days offer great opportunities for accentuating your fashion style in the best way – using outerwear. Fortunately Spring 2011 fashion trends provide us with a great option of wonderful classic trench coats and trendy leather jackets that can be perfectly complemented with various fashion details.

A lot of fashionable brands present their outerwear pieces corresponding to the Spring 2011 fashion trends. Prepare to be lost in admiration with the latest offerings of vogue-looking outerwear. The latest perfectly combine high-quality fabric, flawless workmanship, and trendy style. Remember, you’ll want to also add a trench coat this year. Due to the length, one is absolutely essential if you want to sport a dress or a tunic. Though some can be quite expensive, opting for a few glamorous outerwear pieces that demand attention won’t break the bank

And then there’s “fetishistic”…

…and I didn’t even want to go there. Rather than venture off into what this word literally defines, I decided to pose a question of my own to Ms. Elcock as to what this meant in terms of the challenge. She directed me in a new, more appropriate path immediately! It seems you’d be designing with a more eclectic feel - -think Vivienne Westwood not bondage! Also, Larraine said, “The trend this year is towards overdoing embellishments. If you were going to put a button on a sleeve, it’s a put 10 in instead sort of thing.”

It looks like if you want to upgrade your look for the Spring/Summer 2011 season or satisfy this challenge, you’ll need to make a slight transition in your wardrobe and overall appearance. While it’s still cold outside you can sport neat new outerwear, then as it warms up you can continue with young, eclectic, cleverly over trimmed fashion…I guess! I only know one thing for sure, in my mind a lot of the new runway looks are sure trendy looking, and they are embracing a new season of fashion dominated by bright colors and beautiful, but lighter weight fabrics! Hallelujah, Spring has sprung!!

Bea Happy outfit by Durell for Marie
 Osmond Adora Belle Mop Top doll. 
A Returning Guest Judge
Durelle Brown, that multi-talented OOAK artist and dolly fashion designer extraordinaire is returning once again as a guest judge for this intriguing but misunderstood challenge. I have little doubt she will know the exact criteria for choosing the winner, as she well understands what place this challenge is coming from.

Durelle won her first DOTY for outfit
for Charisma doll, Journey.
 She still continues to love lots of family time – especially since the arrival of her second granddaughter. However, time hasn’t been a great commodity; rather she’s had a lot less due to her design efforts for Marie Osmond’s Charisma Dolls, and her full time work as an Interior Designer. Sandwiched in there tightly has been spending time on her one other passion – that of collecting and designing her own dolls. Whether it’s a doll for donation at a charity event or one for a contest, you can be sure Durelle always puts out her next best effort.

Durelle's passion - a Pirate
 for CDS' Pop Culture Challenge.
Her latest contribution to her doll doings was a pirate offering for a challenge on our sister site, Couture Doll Shops. Pirates continue to crop up in her portfolio, but every time I see one I marvel at the originality that is always prevalent in a Demi-Divas by Durelle creation.

Her desire to compete never wanes. In fact she is currently working on some designs for contests at the Tonner Doll convention as well as IFDC. Entries which she hopes to later add for sell to her doll shop at CDS, Chic Indulgence, but that will have to wait now till after convention season.

A fun couture outfit for Delilah Noir offered
 up yet another win for Durelle.
I’m always reluctant to anticipate what a judge might be looking for. But since I know this particular artist very well, I am going to venture a guess that she’ll appreciate good construction and attention to details. I say this with confidence because I do know these are things she pays particular attention to when making her own designs. Welcome back, Durelle; we look forward to some great critiques coming from you!

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