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Friday, April 29, 2011

Runway Rococo Meets the Oscars

This week’s journey takes us down one of the shortest and most coveted pieces of carpet in America. For a few hours fashionistas all over the world will tune in to live feeds of some of the most beautiful gowns to be viewed for the year. Unfortunately some of the gowns viewed will be labeled as mishaps. Take note so your gown does not fall into the last category! 

Opulent fabrics, bows, elaborate hats, lace, and all kinds of frou frou are characteristics of this style.  However, overembellishing may not be what the judges are looking for.  It might be more logical to depend on the fabric or the cut of the design to tell your story.  Dior did it full skirted, but with an obviously overblown print, as we see in this pink concoction.
Alexander McQueen chose to transition Rococoian elements. By doing so, he came up with more sharply elegant evening pieces.  He had no trouble achieving "the look" in any color.  No matter which color he used, it spoke with a soft or hard boldness true to his style.
The accent color used or the cut of all the pieces in each outfit spoke truly but differently to the Rococo style we were once accustomed to seeing. So it wasn’t any wonder that gowns made post-McQueen began to emulate his work if only in the spider lace prints, crepe, and gold metallics now dominating the Nuevo-Rococo canvas.

Is your style more like the traditional Dior musings or will you choose to move forward like McQueen?.  Neither is right or wrong – it’s simply the way your style dictates the design.  Face it, all the great houses have tried it.  Think Chanel, Versace, and even Dolce & Gabanna. 

Each played off a fun, youthful look infused with the richness of Rococo style. Each was beautiful and spoke to the theme – but perhaps they didn’t speak to your entirely unique vision. 

Remember, this is your time to really shine! So walk your doll diva down that carpet demurely and sweet – or dazzle, dazzle, dazzle with something quite unique! 

Then we’ll soon see how the judges like it.  But one thing is for sure, based on the designs we have seen in the challenges so far, it will take more than an instruction to eat cake to win this one!

I'll be back to tell you more about the judge for this challenge, but for now I'll leave you with the fashion most anticipated around the world for weeks - direct from the wedding, and designed by Sarah Burton.

 Congratulations, dear Prince, I trust your dear Mother is smiling down on your happy occasion!

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