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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Challenge 6 Winner Delights!

Huckleberry Jackson wins both the design challenge and the photo challenge!!

I have to say this one didn’t surprise me. Although there were some wonderful entries, sometimes one comes along that simply takes your breath away – and this was IT for me!!! Let’s see how Huck envisioned this one:

“For this last challenge on gothic couture I wanted to work on something very dark but very romantic at the same time. My first focus was to work with very different almost animal like textures (snake, fish, bird). I made a long black straight gown out of a silk crepe which is a bit stretch and allowed me to skip the breast seams. I wanted the whole top of the gown to be almost completely straight and let the curves of the body appear through the transparency of the fabric.

It has long sleeves and a turtleneck to accentuate the gothic style. The fabric is decorated with dark jet grey matt sequences that are underlayed with black glass beading.

On some places I took off most of the sequences to let the beading appear and create an irregular rhythm between shimmering and matt. I decided to not line my gown because I wanted to keep the transparency and the quiet natural draping of the heavily loaded bottom part. All the seams are therefore piped with a very thin organza trim except the shoulder and arm seams that are finished with a very tiny English seam to give my gown the proper couture finishing.

On top of the gown my gothic diva wears a huge black jacket that is made out of a black fabric decorated with raw edge chiffon trims and gives a feather-ike texture. The jacket is lined with a thin black satin and can be worn in a lot of different ways. The silhouette is accessorized with very high black platform shoes, a black latex clutch, very long black earrings sculpted with tiny pearls and very short painted finger gloves.”

Photography winner is Huckleberry Jackson, also, with Honorable Mention to Anita Stoklosa and Anj Calvo.

Huckleberry Jackson
Anita Stoklosa

Anj Calvo

Well, that's almost it for your blogger for this CDDC - I say almost because the final blog will feature the final winners and their prizes - what fun!!  So stay tuned as it will come out very soon.

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