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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Oops, FDQ did it again!!

Can you believe it?? Sweet success TWICE!?!

The latest copy of Fashion Doll Quarterly Magazine is out and a final story revealing the outcome of the Couture Doll Design Challenge is in it!!!  

What a thrill to have the contestants, judges, and sponsors as well as the winner from this wonderful competition in print!  And, it also includes a mention of  CDDC's spin-off, Couture Doll Shops!!

Without giving away too much, we want to say that we are thrilled to have at least THREE pages showing off some of the incredible styles that came out of CDDC.  In this issue that also features new dolls like Jamie Show and Cami & Jon, and Wild Style Decor, we come out looking very professional - which is how CDDC has always conducted itself.  Everyone involved NEEDS a copy of this issue for sure!!!

 Okay, no excuses - you know what the cover looks like now.  Run, don't walk to your fav dealer and get a copy of this FDQ!! Or were you a clever little fashionista and swooped up a subscription like I suggested last time?? LOL  If so, don't forget to leave your comments about this great article on the CDDC Board.  It also might not be a bad idea to let Larraine know you would like her to do it again!  See you there, fashionistas!!

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