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Thursday, July 1, 2010

We're baaaaaaaaack!!

..and we want you to join us!!

Hello my dahlings!  Did you miss us?? Well, we hope we were gone just long enough for you to hone your skills and get ready for CDDC Part Deux!  Hold on, we're coming!

First off, the question I'm sure is swirling around in your head - When can I apply?? Does TODAY - July 1 - seem too early?? If not,  get with it - the deadline for final entries is July 31 firm.

The rules for applying are basically the same as last year.  Each applicant should submit at least two pictures of your recent work, but this year we'd also like to have a short biographical paragraph about you or your work.  This will help our judges get an idea of what you will bring to our competition.  Now don't dilly dally - remember I said July 31 is the deadline to enter.  Send your entries off right away to this email!  This will enable us to review them in time to announce the selected designers for this challenge on August 7!

We realize we cannot please everyone with our schedule, but we've made some changes this year to eliminate our challenge continuing through the holidays.  Of course this doesn't rule out all challenges being due during doll conventions.   Unfortunately the Fashion Royalty, Modern Doll, Tonner Halloween, and maybe others will be going on during one challenge or the other.  So please be sure you are free to participate in every challenge before you apply.  I say this to be fair to YOU - it is the only way to assure you can claim the grand prize!

Other things to consider are that you will still have two weeks to complete a challenge.  Also, be prepared to learn something from our three resident, and one guest judge per challenge.  Each will give you THEIR experienced opinions which is invaluable in any competition.

Our first challenge will be August 14 and our total competition this year will consist of six rather than eight  challenges - another change this year!  Our last challenge will be due November 7th, and the final winners will be announced by November 14 - just in time to buy your turkey, strut your stuff for winning, and consider your own wardrobe for the holidays, my pretties!  For further details and a complete listing of competition rules, dates, etc., be sure to check our website!

And, in the meantime, since you're all doll fashionista, you may be interested in what is going on over at our sister site, Couture Doll Shop's blog!  You can read all about it tomorrow, July 2nd, on their blog.  Hum......something about another of their challenges where YOU and the winner have a chance to win a doll, haute couture, and a new CDS first to know list.  Scoot, dear hearts, you don't want to miss this one!!

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